Policy and Procedures


Welcome! Thank you for staying with us at our RV Park. We are committed to providing our Tenants with pleasant surroundings within a well-governed, peaceful, and attractive RV Park. Our Guidelines have been created to provide our Tenants with a written statement of our standards and procedures. Please read these Guidelines carefully. They are legally binding, and violation may result in termination of your Guideline. If you do not understand a particular Guideline, please ask our office staff to explain it to you.

This is a Recreational Vehicle Park. Recreational Vehicles are not manufactured dwellings under Oregon Law. Your legal rights, duties and liabilities are governed by ORS 90.100 – 90.493, and may vary from the rights, duties and liabilities of persons living in manufactured dwellings.

Manager Approval
All prospective Tenants must complete a RENTAL APPLICATION. Management has the right to reject a prospective Tenant for any reason permitted by law. If a prospective Tenant provides false or misleading statements in the Rental Application, Management will not approve the Tenancy.

Acknowledgement of Community Guidelines for Living
Prior to admission to this RV Park, each Tenant must sign an acknowledgement that he/she has received and read a copy of the Guidelines as set forth herein and any amendments thereto. All terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement are specifically incorporated herein and Tenants, whether they have accepted or declined to sign the written Rental Agreement, must comply with such terms and conditions as well as with these Guidelines. Tenants agree that they, as well as all other occupants residing in their RV and all of their guests, will abide by the Guidelines and all State, County, and City/Township laws and ordinances. Failure to comply with the Guidelines or other laws may result in the termination of Tenancy as provided by law.

From time to time, Management may make changes in the Guidelines. Such changes will become effective for all Tenants sixty (60) days after the delivery and posting of the Guideline changes. Any new or amended Guideline will thereafter be considered part of the Guidelines and will be enforced accordingly.

Enforcement of Community Guidelines
Every effort will be made by Management to ensure that the Guidelines are enforced and that the quiet enjoyment and comfort of all Tenants is not disturbed. Ignorance of a Guideline cannot be accepted as an excuse.

Notice of a Guidelines Violation
Tenants who violate a Guideline will be contacted by Management, either by a personal visit, a telephone call, the issuance of a written Reminder, Notice of Violation or a Notice of Termination (14 days to comply), or Termination of Guideline (10 days noncurable notice to vacate). If the Guideline is month-to-month, it may be terminated by either party without cause upon not less than 30 days’ advance written notice. If the Guideline is week-to-week, the notice of termination without causes shall be not less than 10 days. If a Notice of Violation is issued, it is expected that the violation will be corrected by the date stated on the Notice. Failure or refusal to correct a violation or chronic or repeated violations of the Guidelines may lead to eviction proceedings. Please note that compliance with the Guidelines is absolutely essential to provide you and your neighbors pleasant and peaceful surroundings.

Termination of Guideline
Pursuant to ORS 90.392, if Tenant receives a Notice for Termination, Tenant may avoid termination of the Guideline by correcting the violation within the 14-day period specified in the Notice. However, if substantially the same act or omission which constituted a prior violation for which notice was given recurs within six (6) months, Management may terminate upon at least ten (10) days written notice specifying the violation and the termination date of the Guideline. Management may also terminate a Guideline for non-payment of rent or for any other cause allowed by Oregon Law.

Payment of Rent/Failure to Pay Rent
Rents are to be paid monthly. Rental payments may be mailed, paid in person or placed in the rent box, which is located at the RV Park Office. Rent is due on the first day of each month and must be paid on or before the seventh day of the month. A late/liquidated damage charge will be assessed to all Tenants whose rent is not received by Management on or before the seventh day of the month. Payment of rent may be made by personal check, money order, cashiers check, certified check, or credit card. For safety purposes, cash will not be accepted. A charge will be assessed to any Tenant whose personal check is not honored for any reason. Thereafter, the Tenant must make the rental payments by money order, cashiers check, certified check, or credit card for a period of six (6) months. At the expiration of the six (6) month period, if the Tenant has paid all rent and other charges on a timely basis during that period, Management may once again accept the payment of rent by personal check.

In the event Tenant fails to pay rent or other charges on or before the seventh of the month, Management will issue a 72-hour notice for non-payment of rent. If Management thereafter institutes legal action against any Tenant based on the default in the payment of rent, the payment of rent, then due, will only be accepted by money order, cashiers check, certified check or credit card. Additionally, Tenants shall reimburse Management for the expenses incurred by Management as provided by law.

1. A maximum of six (6) people may occupy an RV space.
2. Pick-up campers MUST remain on pickups at all times, except with prior written permission from Management.
3. Refunds are not given in cases of evictions or early departure.
4. Tenants shall not assign the rental agreement or sublease the RV site.
5. Exterior TV reception devices are permitted by Management in accordance with FCC rulings, which can be obtained from the RV Park Office. Tenants assume all liability in regards to installation, maintenance, removal or damage caused by the device.

Improvements and Alterations
1. Tenants shall make no alterations to the exterior of the RV or to the rented site without first obtaining the written permission of Management. Tenants must provide Management with a sketch, to scale, of the appearance or location of the proposed improvement or alteration. Tenant is responsible for contacting utility companies to verify the location of any underground utilities and the sketch of the proposed alteration is to clearly and accurately indicate the location of such buried utility lines.
2. Tenant is responsible for obtaining any required building permits. If a Tenant makes improvements or alterations without first obtaining required building permits and/or the written approval of Management, Tenant will be required by Management to remove the improvements or alterations.
3. All improvements and alterations are to be performed by a licensed, insured contractor unless the improvements or alterations are performed by Tenant. Provided, however, that Tenant shall neither make, nor cause to be made, ANY improvements or changes to the site or any other portion of the RV Park, without the express written consent of Management. If using a contractor, Management may condition any consent to first obtaining confirmation that such contractor will not assert any claims or liens against the RV Park for any material or service provided to Tenant.
4. All improvements, alterations, anchoring equipment and utility hookups, with the exception of concrete pads, shall remain the property of the Tenant.

R.V. and Site Maintenance
1. All water and sewer hookups must be tight and without leaks.
2. Tents are not permitted. Due to possible damage to underground utilities, no stakes of any kind are allowed.
3. The site MUST be kept clean and clear of debris at all times.
4. The alterations of the site, i.e. the removal or alteration of any tree, shrub, post or garden is strictly prohibited.
5. Tenants shall maintain the RV and site in a clean attractive fashion at Tenants’ own expense at all times. Failure to maintain the physical condition or appearance of the RV or the home site is just cause for termination of Guideline.
6. All windows and doors are to be in good condition. Broken windows are to be repaired as quickly as possible. No plastic is to be used for replacement.
7. Outdoor Storage of any kind is not allowed. All toys, bicycles, tricycles, lawn care equipment, garden tools, ladders, etc., must be stored when not in use. Tenant may have a storage bin no larger then 77″H x 56″L x 32″D. It must remain on the concrete pad. It may not be placed on the grass.
8. No towels, rugs, wearing apparel or other forms of laundry of any description may be hung outside the RV. No clothesline or lines of any kind are permitted.
9. Tenant must maintain Patio/Lawn furniture in a safe and attractive condition. Patio/Lawn furniture cannot be kept on the grass.
10. Rubbish Removal is scheduled within the RV Park on designated days. Tenant is responsible for placing rubbish at the proper pick-up location. Tenants may be responsible for arranging for the removal of large, bulky or heavy items at Tenants’ own expense. Tenant should see Management for details. Trash bags are not to be left outside of the RV. In the event Management must remove Tenants’ rubbish of any kind, Management reserves the right to charge Tenant additional fees for such removal.

On-Site Resale of RV
The right to occupy an RV on the rental agreement is not transferable with the sale or transfer of title to the RV. This also applies to current Tenants wishing to move to a different site within the RV Park. Approval of such a move is subject to Management’s consent. In order to sell an RV on the rented site, the following Guidelines apply:

1. The exterior physical appearance and condition of the RV and rented site must be in good condition (windows, exterior siding, etc.).
2. Tenant is permitted to display one “18×24” For Sale sign which may be placed inside the front window of Tenants’ RV. No signs shall be permitted on the exterior of the RV or on the site or elsewhere in the RV Park.
3. Tenant must provide Management with at least thirty (30) days notice, in writing, prior to sale of an RV if the prospective purchaser of the RV desires to become a Tenant.
4. The buyer must meet with the RV Park Management, submit a complete and accurate written application for Tenancy and be approved for Tenancy. Management will accept or reject the prospective purchaser’s application within twenty (20) days of receipt of the completed application, unless a longer time period has been agreed upon by Management and the prospective purchaser. If the purchaser of an RV occupies the RV without first having obtained Management approval for Tenancy or without having completed all the required paperwork, such as signing the Rental Agreement and receipt of Guidelines, the purchaser will be deemed a trespasser and may be evicted from the RV Park. The Tenant will remain responsible for all rent and other charges which may accrue, regardless of whether the Tenant continues to occupy the RV.

Removal of RV
1. The site must be left in a clean and neat condition. Any improvements or installations placed on the rented site must be removed from the rented site. These items do not become fixtures or property of the RV Park. Only trees and shrubs may remain on the site following the removal of an RV.
2. Any expenses incurred by Management in restoring the site to its original condition, such as the cost of removing items will be charged to the Tenant.
3. Tenants shall be solely responsible for any damages to RV Park property or that of other Tenants resulting from removal of the RV from the RV Park.
4. Management assumes no responsibility in the event that a dealer, bank or other secured party removes Tenants’ RV from the RV Park, except for Management’s failure to perform a duty or negligent performance of a duty as implied by law.

1. Tenants shall park only in the space(s) provided by Management. Parking of vehicles is not allowed on streets, vacant sites, fire lanes, lawns or patios. Tenants shall not double park on any space. Tenants shall not use visitor parking spaces without written approval by Management.
2. Vehicles are to be parked in front of your RV. No more than two (2) vehicles are allowed per space, in addition to the RV as space allows.
3. All vehicles are to be properly registered, licensed and equipped with an adequate and functioning muffler.
4. Routine maintenance or minor repairs on vehicles may be carried out at the RV site, i.e., change spark plugs, replace fan belts, or repair a flat tire. Other repair or maintenance projects such as repairing or replacing the exhaust systems, oil change, or rebuilding an engine are not permitted. Any vehicle dripping oil or gasoline must be repaired immediately. The Tenant must clean up these spills, or Management will do so and charge the Tenant the sum not exceeding $25 per hour, per occasion, (one hour minimum charge) which sum shall be paid within ten (10) days of Tenant’s receipt of the assessment.
5. All vehicles operating within the RV Park must abide by the posted (10 MPH) speed limit and traffic signs.
6. As permitted by law, Management reserves the right to remove vehicles parked in violation of these Guidelines, and further reserves the right to remove inoperable vehicles or vehicles without current license plates. All costs incident thereto shall be paid by the Tenant and if the cost of such removal is initially paid by Management, then such cost shall be deemed to be rent and shall be paid by the Tenant as such.
7. RV and automobiles may be washed at the site, except during times of water restrictions. A self-closing nozzle must be used on the water hose to conserve water when washing cars and RV’s.

Motorcycles and Other Vehicles
1. Motorcycles are allowed to operate only for transportation in and out of the RV Park. Operating a motorcycle within the RV Park is not allowed. Motorcycles are to be parked in Tenants’ assigned parking space. Parking elsewhere is prohibited.
2. The operation of trail bikes, go-carts, mini bikes, off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and other vehicles of this nature are not allowed within the RV Park. Such vehicles may only be stored at the Tenants’ site. Transportation to and from the site is to be by trailer only. The storage of trail bikes, go-carts, mini bikes, off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and boats upon the site or in the street is strictly prohibited.

1. Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Noise must be kept to a minimum. Please be courteous to your neighbors.
2. The use of fireworks, firearms, bows, slingshots, BB guns, or any other equipment or toys that in Management’s judgement could reasonably cause bodily injury to others or damage to property, is strictly prohibited.
3. Tenant is responsible for the action and activities of all members of Tenants’ household and all visitors of Tenants’ household. The rights of others to enjoy the quiet and peaceful use of the RV Park must be respected. Excessively loud talking, abusive language, shouting, radio, television, stereos, and other disturbing noises are not permitted within the RV Park. Interference with the quiet enjoyment of other guests or Tenants of the RV Park is just cause for termination of Guideline.

Recreation and Playground Equipment
Management allows Tenants the opportunity to provide a small wading pool (maximum size 6’x12” deep) at the RV site. However, placement of this item is to be on an asphalt area in order to protect the lawn. Swing sets are not allowed. Management provides playground equipment for Tenants in the RV Park. Safety is to be stressed at all times and Tenants are to adequately supervise the activities of the members of their household and their visitors.

Clubhouse and Recreational Buildings
The clubhouse and its facilities may be made available to Tenants and their visitors only. Reservations for private parties and gatherings should be made in advance and will be accepted providing there are no other reservations. The Tenant is financially, legally and otherwise responsible for any and all other expenses related to the repair of any damage. Use of the facility is not to disturb the peace and quiet of the RV Park and Manufactured Home Community. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted within or outside of the clubhouse or on any common grounds area. The use of all recreational facilities within this RV Park and Manufactured Home Community are for Tenants only. All visitors must be accompanied by a Tenant when using recreational facilities. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure that their visitor(s) observes all applicable Guidelines. These are smoke free facilities, and require a refundable deposit of fifty ($50.00) dollars.

Swimming Pool
The swimming pools are for the exclusive use of Tenants, members of their household and accompanied visitors. The swimming pool Rules and Regulations are posted at the pool. For your personal safety, it is vital that you, members of your household and visitors obey these Guidelines. Failure to do so may result in the suspensions of pool privileges. You must obtain a pool pass from the office. The pool pass is proof that you are a Tenant, and you must provide it to the pool attendant on duty every visit.

Laundry Facilities
Laundry facilities are provided for the exclusive use of Tenants. Please follow the instructions on the machines and treat them with care, as they are provided for your convenience. Tinting or dyeing is not allowed, as it may cause damage to the machines. Laundry is to be removed from the machines immediately upon completion of the washing and drying cycles. Each Tenant is to clean the machine and laundry room after each use. Please notify Management of any malfunctioning machines.

Tenants may have one (1) registered “domesticated” pet per site with Management’s approval. Failure to abide by the Guidelines will result in the loss of the privilege.

1. Pets must be properly licensed per local regulations. Pets which are approved shall be considered on a ninety (90) day probation period, and removal is imminent if the pet owner ignores their responsibility.
2. Tenants are solely and totally responsible for the behavior of their pet. Noisy, unruly, or dangerous pets will not be allowed to remain in the RV Park.
3. Tenants are required to clean up their pet’s defecation on the site and while walking the pet.
4. All pets must be kept inside the RV and when outside, they must be kept on a hand held leash. The pet must be attended at all times. Fenced-in enclosures and doghouses are not to be installed. Tenants must walk their pets on a leash. No “Beware of Dog” signs are allowed.
5. Pets running at large may be picked up by the Animal Control Department.
6. Pets are not allowed in any areas where people congregate.
7. Management reserves the right to reject exotic pets such as snakes, wild animals or other animals, which, in Management’s sole discretion, may be dangerous to others within the RV Park. These animals may not be kept within the confines of this RV Park.
8. Management disclaims any responsibility for the occurrence of harm, injury or death to a pet caused by agents or employees or by Tenants or their visitors, except for Management’s failure to perform a duty or negligent performance of a duty imposed by law.
9. Tenant shall sign a Pet Agreement before being permitted to have the pet at the RV Park.

Personal and Fire Safety
Management is concerned with you and your family’s well being. Our Guidelines are the means of providing a happy and safe living environment. Adherence to the following Guidelines are very important.

1. All Tenants are advised to exercise proper care and safety to insure against accident occurring in and around the RV Park. Please note that you are responsible for the actions of members of your RV and visitors.
2. Please take extra care when around any body of water, (i.e. river) around or within the RV Park.
3. All RV’s and sites are to be kept free from fire hazards. For your own safety, do not store combustible materials, gas-powered lawn mowers, etc. under your RV.
4. It is the responsibility of each Tenant to monitor radio and/or television for severe weather warnings. There are no government-approved shelters within the RV Park.
5. “Children Playing” “Stop” “10 MPH” and other signs of this nature must be adhered to.
6. Actions that interfere with the health, safety, or welfare of the RV Park, its employees or Tenants, is just cause for termination of Guideline under ORS 90.630.
7. Tenants should furnish Management with the name, address and telephone number of a person to be notified in case of an emergency.
8. Firepits, outdoor fireplaces and open flame camp fires are prohibited.

Loss and Liability
It is recommended that each RV owner procure an insurance policy insuring an RV against loss or damage. It is also recommended that Tenants include liability coverage for personal injuries that may occur on the RV site or within the RV.

Management disclaims responsibility for accidents, or injuries to Tenants, their family members or visitors, which may occur within this RV Park except for Management’s failure to perform a duty imposed by law. Furthermore, damaged or lost property resulting from fire, theft, wind, flood or any other act of God which is beyond the control of Management is also specifically disclaimed except for Landlord’s failure to perform a duty imposed by law.
Advertising, Soliciting, and Commercial Business
Advertising, soliciting, or delivering handbills is not permitted for the safety and welfare of all Tenants. Management reserves the right to communicate with Tenants through distribution of written materials from time to time. No commercial enterprise or business that violates any local, county, or state zoning ordinances may be conducted in the RV Park.

Right of Entry
Management shall have no right to enter an RV unless the Tenants written consent has been obtained. Management shall have the right to enter onto the site to: inspect, repair or make alterations or additions to the site or the utilities situated on the rented site for the purpose of protecting the RV Park; if the Tenant requests repair, maintenance, or in emergency. In all other cases Management will give 24-hour notice.

Water Usage
The use of any water system on or about the exterior of Tenants’ RV is strictly limited to the following uses: watering flowers as necessary, filling small wading pools, and washing the Tenants’ personal vehicle or the exterior of Tenants’ RV.

THE OBLIGATION OF GOOD FAITH is imposed on both parties to these Guidelines in both the performance and enforcement of the conditions contained herein. Any correspondence regarding Management’s execution of these Guidelines may be directed to:

PO BOX 339687

1. These Guidelines for Living incorporate and adopt all applicable federal law which prohibits unlawful discrimination regarding handicap and family status.
2. The preceding Guidelines apply to all RV spaces in Jantzen Beach RV Park and are expressly made a part of the Rental Agreement between Tenant and the RV Park. All facilities, equipment and apparatus furnished on these grounds are for the sole convenience of the Tenants and their visitors and all persons using same do so at their own risk. The Management will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft or any act or condition beyond its control. Management advises Tenants to maintain insurance coverage on all personal property and fixtures.

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